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For nearly ninety years, Colby Equipment has represented the most well-respected and technologically advanced manufacturers in the industry.

About Colby Equipment 

Colby Equipment Company has been family-owned for three generations. The success we have achieved in our nearly 90-year history would not be possible without our valued customers, sales staff and office personnel.

Colby Equipment Company represents manufacturers of industrial and commercial air handling equipment and is one of the largest HVAC firms in the Midwest. We offer products from over 20 different manufacturers, including such industry leaders as Greenheck, Smartd Chillers, and Price Industries.

Colby Equipment has offices and warehouses in both Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana, offering effective coverage of the state. Our success in the industry is the result of our valued sales staff and support personnel and their response and attention to our customers.

Warehouse Catalog

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Air quality solutions for industrial environments, including dust collection equipment for electrostatic, wet, cartridge, fabric and oil mist collection applications.





Accurex (a Greenheck Group company)
Complete kitchen ventilation solution with options for extraction and filtration, odor and pollution control, make-up air, fire suppression, utility distribution, and full control and energy management solutions.





Air Concepts
Specialty commercial and industrial air outlets, nozzles and diffusers.





Air Enterprises
Fully Engineered Custom Aluminum AHU factory or SiteBilt® with superior panel system featuring 2.5” double wall structural casing, hermetically sealed skins and total encapsulated insulation, zero penetration fully welded and insulated aluminum base, double gasket continuous piano hinged cast aluminum access doors & 40 year casing warranty.





AJ Manufacturing
Stainless steel air distribution devices and architectural products.





Pre-engineered and custom designed industrial fans and blowers including backward inclined fans, backward curved fans, centrifugal radial tipped fans, material handling fans and blowers, high pressure blowers and other centrifugal blowers.





American Aldes
Heat and energy recovery units from 500 CFM to 5,800 CFM.
Airflow and zone control systems; exhaust fans.





Armstrong Monitoring
Hazardous gas monitoring and detection systems.





AQC Industries

BlueDuct: Commercial and industrial HDPE underground duct systems.

QDuct: Outdoor pre-insulated duct systems.

PalDuct: Indoor pre-insulated duct systems.





Fans and air distribution products for light commercial and residential applications.





Custom designed vehicle exhaust and fume control systems.





Delta Breez
Restroom ventilation fans designed for low sound and energy efficiency.





Design Polymerics
Duct sealants, tapes and adhesives, duct wrap film, and duct covers.





Fabric duct and air dispersion products and accessories.





Eastern Sheet Metal
A full custom manufacturer of spiral pipe duct systems, including round and oval spiral duct in either single wall or dual wall construction.





Fans and air distribution products for light commercial and residential applications.





Filtration Group
Full line of air filters and housings, including HEPA and clean room applications.





Insulated, acoustic and non-insulated flexible ductwork; access doors; sheet metal accessories.





Franklin Control Systems

HVAC motor starters and variable frequency drives; custom control panels and cooling tower controls; electrical components; kitchen hood controls.





Air Movement and Control Equipment
Fan and ventilators: roof, sidewall, inline, and ceiling fans and ventilators. Utility, centrifugal and radial blowers including material handling and FRP fans.
Laboratory exhaust systems: self-contained Vektor high plume dilution blower systems with options for noise control, variable volume exhaust and energy recovery systems.
Kitchen ventilation systems: complete kitchen hood packages with options for extraction and filtration, odor and pollution control, make-up air, fire suppression, utility distribution, and full control and energy management solutions.
Dampers: a comprehensive offering of control, fire, smoke, backdraft, bubble tight, thermally broken/insulated and tunnel transit dampers and accessories.
Louvers: a wide range of air control and architectural louvers including screen walls, sun shades and custom designed

Mechanical Equipment
Make-up air units: Commercial, industrial and kitchen applications featuring 800 to 64,000 CFM up to 3” SP. Available
as 100% outside air, recirculation and variable volume airflow units. Heating options: direct gas-fired, indirect gas-fired, hot water, steam or electric heat. Cooling options: DX, chilled water or evaporative cooling. Vertical and horizontal units including, wide range of controls and energy recovery options.
Energy recovery ventilators: 150 to12,000 CFM with up to 100% outside air. Latent and sensible energy recovery options include energy wheel, aluminum plate and enthalpy core.
Semi-Custom RTU: tempered units ranging 150 to 12,000 CFM up to 3” SP. Available as 100% outside air, recirculation and variable volume airflow units. Multiple heating and cooling options from water coils to WSHP and packaged DX. Available options include wrap around heat pipe, 2” double wall housing, microprocessor and analog controls with space and discharge sensors.
Packaged ventilation units: 800 to 9,500 CFM up to 3” SP. Available as100% outside air, recirculation units and variable volume airflow units. Heating options: indirect gas-fired, hot water or electric heat. Cooling options: split or packaged DX or chilled water cooling.
Coils: custom designed hot water, booster, expansion, steam and cooling coils for new and retrofit applications.





A wide-range of labor-saving products for the suspension of ductwork, piping and equipment.





Hunter Industrial
Wide range of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans for commercial, industrial, agricultural and specialized applications.





IMI Hydronic Engineering
Hydronic balancing valves (AutoFlow, pressure independent and manual), coil hook-up kits and accessories.





Hitachi Smartflex
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) equipment; Single and multi-zone, duct-free mini-split systems.





Specialty commercial sheet metal items and accessories, including hoods, grills, access doors and custom products.





Kinetics Noise Control
Full design services for custom vibration control products, including vibration isolation systems, seismic restraint systems, seismic curbs and floating floors.





Commercial, industrial, hazardous location, and washdown unit heaters; wall heaters; wall convectors; baseboard heaters; infrared heaters; and duct heaters.





Source capture equipment: dust, fume, smoke, vehicle exhaust; flexible arms for table top and laboratory exhaust.
Dust collectors: fabric and cartridge.





Clamp-together ductwork featuring the Quick-Fit system.





Architectural access doors.




The Pate Company
Roof curbs, metal roof curbs, equipment supports, and pipe penetrations.




Powered Aire
Commercial and industrial air curtains/air doors with electric, hot water, steam, indirect gas or direct gas fired heat options.





PHP Systems
Zero penetration rooftop support systems for mechanical systems and equipment, including platforms, crossovers, stairs and ramps.





Price Industries
Air distribution: a complete offering of grilles, registers, and diffusers including custom designed products and specialty architectural finishes.
Terminal units: an extensive offering of terminal units including single-duct, dual-duct, and fan powered units available with integral silencers, heating coils, and controls.
Displacement ventilation systems: standard and custom designed diffusers, terminal units and controls for use in displacement and underfloor displacement system.
Critical environment systems: Air distribution systems for hospital, laboratory and clean room environments including complete operating and clean room ceiling systems.
Radiant systems: Active and passive chilled beams; chilled sails; radiant panels for heating and cooling applications.
Controls: Digital rooftop controls; Venturi Valve controls; DDC zone controllers for terminal units, underfloor units and radiant products; hose kits and valves.
Noise control: full acoustical design services for custom noise control products including commercial and industrial duct silencers, sound enclosures and acoustical panels.





Centrifugal chillers featuring Turbocor oil-free, magnetic bearing technology.  Available in water-cooled (60 to 2,500 ton), air-cooled (60 to 450 ton) or evaporative cooled (60 to 300 ton).





Flow hoods and meters for balancing and measuring air flow, IAQ, and hydronic systems





Venting systems for chimneys, grease ducts, engine and turbine exhausts.





Waddell Engineering
Pneumatic bladder dampers; airflow measuring stations, and HVAC differential pressure transmitters.





Fan Coil Units: Full line of FCU’s including horizontals (cased, plenum return or basic), verticals (wallmount and stackable units in concealed and exposed styles). Available high performance series to achieve greater CFM and SP. Accessories include electric heat, integral piping packages, custom control options, and piping risers.Belt Drive AHU: Vertical and horizontal belt-drive air handlers. Accessories include electric heat, integral piping packages and custom control options.





Young Regulator Company
Concealed damper regulators and damper accessories.





ZOO Fans
Full line of destratification fans for commercial and industrial applications.

Our Team

We have offices located in both Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Company e-mail addresses are FirstInitialLastName@colbyequipment.com. For general inquiries, please Contact Us.

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